I’m Will,
a UI/UX  design professional.

Based in Louisville, KY, I have a passion for making people’s lives easier by improving their user experience

TwinSpires Native App

TwinSpires is the leading ADW horse racing app in the United States. I helped create a user experience that navigates the complex sport as well as the needs of our customers.


Louisville Water Mobile App

As a customer of the Louisville Water Company, I felt that their online services could be improved upon. I researched, designed, and prototyped a great user experience.


Daily UI Challenge

The daily UI challenge was something that I wanted to do to hone my UI skills, and it has given me invaluable experience.


3rd Turn

3rd Turn Brewing is a local favorite hangout in the heart of Jeffersontown, KY. I've had the pleasure of working on many different projects for them in the past.

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