Daily UI Challenge


The daily UI challenge is exactly how it sounds, It's a service that automatically sends you emails with a jumping off point for quick UI design projects. I decided this was a great tool for me to broaden my design skillset.

Skills and Responsibilities

UI/UX Design
Web Design
Graphic Design


Design Ward Sign Up

The first challenge was a sign up, I decided to add some interesting slide-list options when choosing your interests. My idea for this app was for it to be an inspiration board for designers or the artistic person.


Check-out Page

For the check-out page, I wanted to incorporate a section that had a visual representation of all the cards on your profile. Using the bright orange color as accents, it brings attention to the most important parts of the UI.


Landing Page

The next Daily UI Challenge prompt I decided to incorporate some transitions and show a glimpse of a working prototype. I utilized some parallax scrolling to add a lot of depth and character to the brand I created for this challenge.



Instead of going with a user profile, I decided to create band profiles for an app that lists all the musical gear and techniques that the artist is known for. I wanted something that could show a lot of different genres of music but still have a uniform look.



Maps should not be complicated, the user needs to be able to get the information they need at a glance. I wanted to minimize the amount of text on the screen, and create a small set of icons that fit with the overall aesthetic.


Music Player

The prompt for this challenge was for a music player, and I took it in the direction of a mobile music app. Utilitarian over fancy! Using large images for the play screen and with a modest layout, I wanted to create something simple and pleasing to the eye.